Bali kopi

Just like what you remember... exotic place in the Island of Bali, traditional restaurant setting, parades almost all the time, and you are enjoying a cup of fresh bali coffee (they called it kopi bali in that island).

The taste is very smooth, no harsh, pleasant aroma and something to be enjoyed all day long...just like in the past. We called it Classic Bali Coffee, just to bring back the memory for you who have been in the island in the past.

Buy this item for 3 bags of Kopi Bali (classic edition). Each bag contains approximately 9oz Bali coffee beans (Good for making approximately 26-30 cups of regular black kopi Bali or 18 shots of espresso style Bali coffee).

Bali Kopi (Buy 3 bags Classic Bali Coffee) CB-BC6oz$45.00
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