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Bali coffee is indeed new to the U.S.: it was formerly sold exclusively to the Japanese market, and perhaps the uncertain economic situation in Asia is the only reason why we can enjoy this classic coffee in the United States. The Bali coffee is brighter than other wet-processed Indonesian coffee in the cup, and fruited with a persimmon sweetness. It has a definite Indonesian coffee characteristic. It is a classic, clean cup with great body and mildness!

Customers Review:

* Your Classic Bali coffee does have a unique aroma and sweetness about it. It is also very smooth with low acidity and no bitterness (Kevin - OH)

* I do like this coffee. Something nice to enjoy all day long, even after my dinner time. (Ruth - UK)

Our classic Bali Coffee beans are now available in jumbo bag (contains 10% more with the same price). Total 2 bags for this special price! Each bag is good for making approximately 30 cups of good coffee.

Our coffee selections are only available in fresh roasted coffee beans. It is highly recommended to grind the coffee beans just before brewing, the freshness will last much longer.

Now available in limited quantity.


Bulk quantity discounts are available for a minimum of 20 packs per-shipment. Please contact us by email for details:

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