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Q: What can offer better than other online coffee vendors?

A: 1. Sometimes International or Domestic shipping can get delays for certain periods of time due to Customs processing time, Shipping Carrier Strikes, Weather conditions, and such things that usually will not be covered by standard insurance policies. will cover almost everything that the others won’t! E.g. during the Canadian Postal Strike in June 2011, we had so many customers experiencing delays or even missing shipments. While most of the other coffee vendors will not take any responsibility once the package has left their location, is offering to replace all those delayed and missing items by shipping out the same or similar items at our own cost; just to ensure you will receive fresh coffee instead of stale coffee that was being held for months at the local postal station.

A. 2. Coffee is a short shelf-life product. Once they are roasted, you should consume them within 2 weeks from the roasting date. We roast our coffee here in the United States and ship out our coffee within 2 days from our roasting date; we will select the best shipping method to get your coffee delivered within the FRESH period, so you may enjoy the best cup. When you purchase coffee from Asian countries, you already have wasted at least 7 days of the coffee shelf life, just for the transit time between countries. If your package is being held at the US customs, you can expect another 3-5 days of extra delays prior to clearing. What that all means is: You will miss out of the first 10 days of freshness of your coffee, and no overseas vendors will accept any returns due to the international shipping cost. will have you covered and guarantee your coffee will be fresh when you receive it.

Q: Is there any import tax that would be applied on your coffee product?

A: We do not charge an extra amount for your shipment. If you are talking about the import duty in your country outside the United States, unfortunately we really don't have any control for that charge. Please understand that we are not responsible for any of the import taxes that may be applied in a foreign country. By the United States law, any legitimate business in America has to declare the exact value of the merchandise that the customer paid for. If you made a purchase for a gift to someone else, then please state it clearly on your payment. We will declare the item as a gift, so your recipient will not be charged for any “surprise” duties when they receive their gift. We will not include any invoice for gift purchases.

Q: Can you overnight ship an order?

A: Not at this time; but, we may offer this option during peak season. With this option, you must place your order on our website by 8:00AM Pacific Standard Time (by 11:00AM EST) in order to give us enough time to rush it out before the cut off time for overnight delivery. Overnight delivery is applicable to major cities within the United States only.

Q: Will you accept email orders?

A: Due to our past experiences, we are no longer accept email orders. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Q: Will you accept phone orders?

A: We currently only accept direct orders at our online store at this time.

Q: Do you ship pre-packed coffee beans to Europe?

A: Yes, absolutely! We can make a shipping arrangement to almost anywhere worldwide. Delivery time to most destinations is approximately 10 business days. However, delivery time to some European countries (such as Poland, Spain, and Italy) may take a few days more due to the custom clearance process, which is beyond our control.

Q: Can we get Luwak coffee grounds instead of coffee beans?

A: It is highly recommended to grind the coffee beans just before brewing, the freshness will last much longer. It will be worthy to spend $20-$30 for a standard household coffee grinder. Always grind the right portion of coffee beans upon brewing. Do not grind more that what you are going to use at the time, because coffee grounds lose their aroma very quickly.

Q: What is your money back guarantee policy?

A: It is very simple! Will you get a full refund from any store anywhere in the world by just walking back to the store; and, talking to their cashier without bringing back the product that you have purchased from them? No matter how charming you are, the answer will be 100% ABSOLUTELY NOT! Also, will you receive any refunds from any convenience stores if you bring back an empty package of chips/sodas that you have previously enjoyed; but later, you want to exercise a ridiculous idea that you might be able to get that bag of chips/soda for free? Again, the answer will be "ABSOLUTELY NOT". The same return policy would be applied to our online store as well. If you purchase any FOOD related items from our website, you MUST return the food item UNOPENED within 3 days of your receiving date that is recorded in our tracking system; in order to be eligible for our 100% money back guarantee return policy. Please provide us a tracking number and insurance for your returned merchandise. We have to be able to track the returned merchandise; and, it has to be shipped out from your location within 3 business days from the date you received the product. Everything has to be traceable online in order to avoid any unnecessary nonsense. Please allow up to 14 business days for the refund process to be completed and credited back to your account. We will notify you by email once the process has completed.

No refunds in the form of cash/credit will be issued if the product has been opened and used more than 10% of its content. We will consider exchanging the returned item with a similar value item, if the product was returned with 90% unused.

To order a sample of our luwak coffee, please copy and paste the following url:

Please keep in mind: When you are ordering this sample package, you are not eligible for our money back guarantee, unless the package gets lost and the shipping carrier has confirmed the situation as "a missing item" (In this case, we will send you a replacement package immediately). A refund option in the form of cash/credit will be issued if the package has not been delivered after 21 days of the recorded shipping date in our system.

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