Durgol Swiss Espresso Decalcifier.  Two Single-use bottle (125ml/4.2oz each)

A must-have for every espresso connoisseur! Durgol® Swiss Espresso® is a special decalcifier for high-end quality espresso machines of all brands, including Delonghi Magnifica, Capresso, and Saeco. Cleans and decalcifies all types and brands of espresso machines at the highest level of quality, including super automatics, semi automatics, manual, and pod machines. Compared to vinegar and competing descaling solutions, Durgol® is quicker and more effective.

• Convenience:

Durgol® Swiss Espresso® works significantly faster than other decalcifiers. No need to interrupt the decalcification process to wait for Durgol® Swiss Espresso® to work. The decalcification process is fast, simple and safe. The single-use portions prevent overdosing.

• Espresso quality:

Complete decalcification with Durgol® Swiss Espresso® ensures a continuously optimal espresso quality.

• Gentleness to the espresso machine:

Due to its special corrosion protection formula, Durgol® Swiss Espresso® will not damage the materials in your espresso machine when used correctly. No residues, which can clog your machine, develop during decalcification. Regular use will extend the life span of your machine.

• Food safety and environmental compatibility:

Durgol® Swiss Espresso® leaves no chemical residue after decalcification and rinsing. It's also odorless and leaves no taste. Durgol® Swiss Espresso® is environmentally compatible, both in regard to the environmentally neutral by-products of decalcification and in regard to the use of environmentally friendly PET bottles.

Durgol Swiss Espresso is available in: • 1 single-use bottle, 4.2oz (125ml). One single-portion bottle is designed to decalcify one machine once.

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