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Premium Coffee Selection: 1/2LB Peaberry & 1/2LB kopi Luwak Coffee Beans.

The World's Rarest Coffee Beans:

*1/2LB REAL Sumatra Kopi Luwak Coffee Whole Beans (with options of Medium Dark or Medium Roast). Class: Arabica

*1/2LB PEABERRY Coffee Whole Beans (with options of Bold/Dark or Medium Roast). Class: Arabica

The Peaberry Coffee beans are formed in a cherry like other beans are formed; however, unlike the other cherries that have two beans per cherry, the peaberry only has one rounded bean in each cherry. It provides a very strong coffee with an extraordinary taste.


Customer reviews:

***** I am amazed at the flavor and finish of your Peaberry coffee. Robert - FL

***** I must say, this is some of the best kopi luwak I have ever tasted. And I have had kopi luwak in Indonesia 'at the source' a few times. Sean - CA

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