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Good Coffee makes Good Friends!

The picture above is a courtesy of Blue Mountain Cafe in Oregon.

Great customer service has always been a number one priority in our business.

________________________________________ do not know how thankful I am for your over and beyond efforts!!! Thank you SOO much!!!! I agree that there is not another company that would match your customer service efforts and I am greatful beyond measure! My son will be so excited...he has wanted to try this coffee for years!

Merry Christmas!! And thank you again!



My name is Candace and I am GySgt Fullers wife. Currently he is not in a place where he can email but he wanted me to let you guys know that the coffee got there and that he and his Marines are enjoying it on a daily basis. The Marines said it is everything they hoped it would be.They are so greatful for your kindness and when its possible my husband will be sending a thank you from himself and his Unit. Your timing was great, they did get it before the Holiday.

On a personal note from me. Thank you more than I can say for your kindness in sending them this coffee. He has told me on many occassions it is one of the only comforts they get to enjoy at the "place" he and his Marines are currently stationed at. Your kindness means more to me than I can even say, knowing that you support our troops and were willing to arrange all of this is amazing and it speaks volumes to your company. I don't know what but if there is anything we can do for you guys let us know. Again thank you with all my heart.


___________________________________ is probably the best internet shopping experience I've ever had. The customer service is second to none! Yes, they really DO respond to your emails within hours! Every email addresses your inquiry and solves it. Their products are amazing. We bought the Luwak coffee for our 25th anniversary and it is absolutely worth every penny! I guess we will now have to celebrate "un-anniversaries" as Alice in Wonderland celebrated "un-birthdays".



Thanks so much, you are very thoughtful. The pkg arrived safe and in time for Christmas. There were two bags of coffee; the Kopi Luwak and a bag of Premium Sumatra Coffee.

Jerry Beaver, Capt, USAF


The coffee arrived today! Thank you so much for expediting my order! My boyfriend will be so happy tonight when he opens it and you can count on me ordering from you again.

I really appreciate your help!

Have a very merry holiday!



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