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Brewing Tips & Espresso based drinks

This latte art image was created by a young barista at Blue Mountain Cafe in 2008.

Brewing Luwak coffee is not too much different than any other coffees. The Italian-made espresso machines most likely deliver the best result to enjoy this coffee. The crema (the rich golden layer on the top of fresh brewed espresso) presents the hint of caramel when you taste this Luwak coffee.

For most coffee lovers, the taste is not comparable with other coffees. However, the result may vary depending on the type of espresso machine/drip coffee maker that you are using and the water temperature.

Each 4oz bag of Luwak Coffee beans is enough to make approximately 15 shots of espresso (8 grams per single shot) or about seven of 8oz cup of pour over black coffee.

Always grind the right portion of coffee beans upon brewing. Do not grind more that what you are going to use at the time, because coffee grounds lose their aroma very quickly. To make coffee using the pour over method, grind the beans to the same consistency that you would use for the drip method. If you will only be making an individual cup, you may set to medium grind, slightly finer is okay (NOT too fine, please). This will ensure a full-bodied cup. You will need to use a cone-shaped filter. If you are using an eight-ounce cup, you will need to use 2 1/2 to 3 level tablespoons of ground coffee (20 grams of coffee beans). Slowly pour the water (195-200 F) over the coffee. Wait for all the water to flow through the ground coffee. Give coffee in the cone a stir with spoon, to make sure there are no dry pockets. Allow the coffee to drip into cup. Remove the filter and the coffee is ready to enjoy.


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Perfect Latte at home.
Perfect Latte at home.

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