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**Important Disclosure**

We have discovered that some people from Java Indonesia, China, and Hong Kong have been offering simulated/fake Kopi Luwak from Semarang, and it is not the original Kopi Luwak product. That's why they are selling with a no refund policy and claim to have unlimited supplies (Real Kopi Luwak can only be produced for a maximum quantity of 1,000LB/year). Be extra cautious before you decide to make any internet transactions from China, especially for any "food related items". It has been all over the national news that many food products from China continue to be mixed in with some hazardas material. They have done this to cut their material costs, so they can sell their products for cheaper prices. The US FDA has issued a safety warning to all American consumers for many food products imported from China. These seasonal exporters are fearless because their location is across the Pacific Ocean and they are almost "untouchable". There is no Copyright & Basic Business Etiquette in most of Asian countries, especially in Indonesia and China. This SIMULATED (fake) Kopi Luwak has been distributed enormously through Taiwan, Hong Kong and Java Indonesia. Do not let yourself be a victim of these scammers. When you see offers at a very low price coupled with unlimited supplies, you must question the validity.

Authentic Kopi Luwak only comes from the Indonesian Island of SUMATRA. Kopi means coffee and the Luwak is a Sumatran native animal. Kopi Luwak Coffee only comes from the Indonesian Island of Sumatra (not from Toraja, Java, or any other region). These Sumatran luwaks never migrate from Sumatra to any other islands, neither are they caged to produce the same type of "washed material". Do not believe in any certificate issued by any Indonesian institutions, because they are a very corrupt organization.

Our reputation speaks for itself. If you are not fully satistied, you will get your money back for the full amount of the merchandise that you paid for.

Our coffee does not sit in inventory or wait on store shelves. Our Sumatra Kopi Luwak Coffee has been satisfying all our customers, and we have received many rave reviews for years.

Our specialty food products are guaranteed fresh. We arrange direct shipments two times a week through a private express carrier; and, you will get your fresh coffee within 10-14 business days. Sometimes, you can also get your FRESH coffee much faster, since we provide the Express Delivery service option upon request within the United States.

** Some conditions would be applied in order to be eligible for our money back guarantee policy. Please read our FAQs page for more details.

For any related questions, please contact us:

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Please note: We will respond to your inquiry within 2 business days of receiving. We will only respond to serious buyers.

Shipping & Handling for USA Customers:

A standard rate of $14.95 for the first item will be charged for all USA destinations. Shipping for each additional item in one purchase is only $1.00, for a limited time. Example: If you purchase 2 items at once, then you will only pay $15.95 shipping on your entire order.

Exclusive FREE SHIPPING to the APO/FPO military shipping address. Please allow 14-21 business days to arrive at APO/FPO destinations.

How do we handle our USA customer orders:

Our order monitoring system works for your best interest. We will process your order within 48 hours of receiving payment (Monday thru Friday). We take full responsibility from the time we receive your order until it has reached its final destination. Along with this special type of service, we will update your shipment status with a tracking number once your package has left our distribution center in the United States (approximately 72 hours prior to the estimated delivery time).

We consolidate all orders each Tuesday & Friday, thenkoP ship through a private express international carrier from our remote warehouses to our distribution office in the United States. Once in the USA, individual orders will be distributed through the US local carriers.

We have the Expedite Delivery option upon request for 4-5 business days as well (Please email us for this option).

In order to be able to maintain our competitive pricing that we have published on our website, we give our customers the options to select their preferred delivery time frame. Unlike the other online merchants, we do not charge a flat rate import cost in our product price. We have a very competitive price for our products, and we offer a different shipping rate based on the shipping method that our customers select. We find that this type of arrangement is the best way to keep a fair price for each customer; in accordance with their individual preference, and how urgent they need their order delivered. Our Expedite delivery is rushed to ship out within 24 hours upon approval, and guaranteed delivery no later than 5 business days. Under normal circumstances, standard domestic delivery usually takes approximately 7-14 business days (unless otherwise stated on the item description at the time you place your order). However, please allow 14 business days for delivery time in the month of December. We are doing our best to deliver all orders within the selected delivery time frame.

Special LOW Shipping rate is available to Canada and United Kingdom. Standard delivery time to Canada and United Kingdom: 12-14 business days.

Customers Outside of the USA, UK, Canada, and South Africa:

A flat Shipping rate in the amount of $27.00 for the first item will be charged for all destinations outside of the US, Canada, South Africa, UK & Italy. Add only $5.00 to $9.00 per-any additional item in one purchase (depending on the country of destination).

Please note that some shipments may take approximately 12 -14 business days to most European countries (Switzerland, Ireland, Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, & Italy); also, it might take an additional few days to ship to Australia, Asia, South Africa and most of the Eastern European destinations (Poland & Hungary, etc). Please understand that occasional delays from import customs & shipping carriers in your country, are beyond our control. Please allow approximately 2-3 weeks for your international shipment to arrive at your door.

For non-USA destinations import duties & taxes may apply.

We stand by our PRODUCTS & AFTER SALES SERVICE with a 100% money back guarantee!