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Kopi Luwak Coffee small GIFT BOX Kopi Luwak Coffee small GIFT BOX The world famous Kopi Luwak Whole Coffee Beans. Product of Sumatra, Indonesia. Please note, Real Kopi Luwak comes from the island of Sumatra. (Real kopi luwak coffee can only be produced to a maximum quantity of 1,000LB/year).

These sleek and elegant boxes are created exclusively for the Luwak Coffee Special Gift Box, made from North America Black Walnut, Cherry wood, and the Great Lakes Maple hardwood.

We decided to use only the finest hardwood for its exclusive design. The natural wood color distinguishes our design from the others. We do not use stain on any of our wooden boxes. Each box shows its natural beauty and character. Absolutely gorgeous! Wood stain is usually used by the other companies to cover up the imperfection on the wood surface (which is caused by using second or third grade wood that is available in the market at a very inexpensive price).

The boxes are individually handcrafted in the United States. We selected an American artist who we knew would create a masterpiece to match the quality of coffee beans found inside the box. We proudly present Mr Odienheimer; he is an artist best known for fancy details & precision quality on his fine woodworking. His craftmanship detail is second to none compared to any street artist from Asian countries. They are all beautiful and handcrafted with great attention to detail. Your gift recipient will greatly appreciate the special coffee; and, the handcrafted wooden gift box that goes with it will make a gorgeous treasure for them to keep forever.

NOTE: The picture above only shows ONE of the solid wood types that we use for our exotic Luwak Coffee gift boxes. Please allow us to select one of these fine boxes for you. Available in American walnut, cherry, and mapple hardwood.


LIMITED Quantity.

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Kopi Luwak Coffee small GIFT BOX JO-GB4$79.00The Luwak Coffee Gift 1/4 LB Wooden Box: 
Kopi Luwak Coffee Beans 1/2LBKopi Luwak Coffee Beans 1/2LBREAL Sumatra Kopi Luwak.

As shown on the Oprah Winfrey show, USA today, and in many local newspapers. Exclusive Edition in limited quantity at Please note, Real Kopi Luwak comes from the island of Sumatra.(The luwaks are the Sumatran native animals. Real Kopi Luwak can only be produced to a maximum quantity of 1,000LB/year).

This item is for a 1/2LB of Kopi Luwak Coffee Whole Beans (Arabica). Good to make approximately 24 cups of excellent coffee.

We now ship to Canada, Mexico, South Korea, Japan, Australia, South Africa, UK and all other European countries.


This item is not available for rush delivery. Delivery time: approx. 3 weeks.

Buy 2 of this item and get a bag of our PREMIUM Peaberry Coffee for your FREE BONUS! This offer is valid on purchase made from 8/20 - 8/31.

For gift purchase, please consider our item #WB-KL1107 for a 1/2 LB Luwak Coffee gift box (featured on the bottom of this page).

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CB-KL0907-1$59.991/2LB Kopi Luwak Coffee Beans: 
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1LB Kopi Luwak coffee WHOLE BEANS.1LB Kopi Luwak coffee WHOLE BEANS.The world famous Kopi Luwak Whole Coffee Beans (product of Sumatra).

Order NOW and get a FREE bag of coffee for a limited time. *Please read our SPECIAL OFFER details below.

You can choose a 1/2 LB of Medium-Dark Roast coffee beans coupled with a 1/2LB of Medium Roast or Dark Roast Whole Coffee Beans. We know everybody has a different roasting preference. We have created the most flexible options to make your shopping experience easy, fast, and enjoyable.

1 full tablespoon to make a cup of excellent coffee.

It should be enough to make at least 45 cups of perfect coffee or about 40 shots of strong Espresso.

Enjoy the ultimate coffee experience with Luwak Coffee! Read our customers feedback and experience a total risk-free online shopping experience only at Come join the other coffee lovers that have been enjoying shopping with us for years.


We also ship to Canada, Mexico, Australia, UK, Spain, Italy, Poland, Germany, Turkey, Czech Republic, Greece, South Africa, South Korea and most of the other European countries. APO box address and International delivery time may vary due to custom clearance processes in the country of destination.

Note: This item is not available for rush delivery. Please allow 3 weeks for delivery time. For a gift idea, please consider our item #WB-KL1107 for a 1/2 LB Luwak Coffee gift box (limited quantity in stock). ______________________________________________________

Real Kopi Luwak Coffee: presented by Luwak Coffee.

WB-KL1207$119.00Kopi Luwak package of: 
Whats New?We have been selling our specialty coffee to worldwide wholesalers. If you are interested to get our premium coffee selections in a specific quantity for a certain period of time, please do not hesitate to send an inquiry by email.

We will do our best to fulfill our customerís inquiries. Large quantity purchases are available for Peaberry Coffee and the other PREMIUM Indonesian coffee beans. Note: Due to its limited production, our Kopi Luwak Coffee is available in a limited quantity only.

Last year, we introduced our Peaberry Coffee. Only five to ten percent of all Arabica coffee beans harvested will provide these Peaberry coffee beans. The Peaberry harvesting process is more time consuming, because each bean has to be separated from the rest of the Arabica crop. These beans are highly appreciated around the world, and are considered to be the Premium coffee beans.

After great success with our Peaberry Kona Coffee beans and Premium Sumatra Coffee last year, we will SOON introduce the organic Sumatra Arabica Coffee Beans and Pure 100% Premium Kintamani Coffee as our NEWEST COFFEE Edition for the upcoming seasons. The Sumatra Green coffee beans are dried in the back yard for an hour and then piled sack on top of sack for storing up to 8 years. In that time the acidity of these arabica green coffee beans will drop naturally; better fit for people with high blood pressure. After the years of drying, the aged-green beans are then fire-roasted for the final result that we called aged organic Sumatra Coffee.

Now you can share this ultimate coffee experience with all your friends and enjoy the best coffee flavor imaginable.


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