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Kopi Luwak Coffee plus 2 classy white espresso Cup and Saucer


Responding to many inquiries from our customers, we are now bringing our premium coffee gift collection to satisfy all coffee connoisseurs.

This package is for:

* a 1/2Lb gift bag of Kopi Luwak Coffee (dark roast)

* Set of 2 Espresso Cup & Saucer. Color: White.

Product description:

Everybody will love our classy design on these white espresso cups & saucers. This is NOT your typical "dime a dozen" design that you can find at any big name stores like Walmart, Target, or K-Mart. We have carefully selected our product sources to bring only the best flavor and design to your complete satisfaction!

Limited quantity in stock.

WH-KLPPSC-555Regular price: $74.99Special Price: $70.00Kopi Luwak GIFT SET: 

Click to enlargeKopi Luwak Coffee (1/4 LB) Gift Box

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