Peaberry Coffee (the most popular & rare coffee beans)

These Peaberry Coffee Beans are now available at our online store in limited quantities. Each bag is good for making approximately 30 cups of coffee (You will get 20% more of this high quality coffee at the same price from other coffee sites).

Some coffee drinkers feel that peaberry coffee carries a more intense flavor. Because of its rarity, it is sometimes known as the "caviar" of coffee and can be sold at a premium coffee category.

Only five to ten percent of all Arabica coffee beans harvested will provide these Peaberry coffee beans. The Peaberry coffee harvesting process is more time consuming, because each bean has to be separated from the rest of the Arabica crop. These Peaberry coffee beans are highly appreciated around the world, and are considered to be the Premium Arabica coffee beans.

Our Peaberry coffee beans are packed in a heavy-duty resealable bag with a built-in one-way valve, which is critical in packaging fresh coffee. When coffee is fresh, it gives off CO2 for several days. This wonderful, incredibly aromatic gas would explode a bag that was tightly sealed, but our one-way valve allows the coffee to outgas without allowing in any damaging oxygen (oxygen oxidizes coffee, making it stale)

Currently, this item is featuring 2 bags of PREMIUM grade Peaberry Coffee (original classic BOLD Peaberry Coffee). Because of the limited quantity of this coffee, you will not find this coffee available elsewhere in the market. Our dedication to bring you the most rare and uniquue coffee beans from around the world never stops. Enjoy!


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