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2 bags of Sumatra Coffee  Premium (Buy NOW FRESH roasted)

The difference of our Premium Sumatra Coffee compared with other Sumatra Coffees, is about the sorting process from beginning to the end. Our experienced staff separates the green beans that are supplied by local farmers. The coffee beans will then be separated from flakes and dust during the roasting process. We will let the roasted coffee beans cool down for up to 24 hours in order to release the gases from these fresh roasted coffee beans. Furthermore, our packaging team will separate the beans from black beans, stones, sticks, and shells prior to weighing and placing them in the bag. This process is very time consuming; and, by the sorting method that we call “triple-picked”, we can assure that only the best quality Sumatra beans will end up in your cup.

This level of attention to detail represents the very highest preparation standard, ordinarily reserved for our premiere customers. We only use the Arabica coffee beans for our premium coffee selection. Our Premium Sumatra Coffee beans come in an air tight silver foil bag with one way valves to preserve the great taste.

Each bag is good for making approximately 25-30 cups of excellent coffee. Exclusively prepared for a coffee lover with an uncompromising taste!

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