South American Coffee Beans. Organic - FRESH ROASTED!

This South American Peaberry Coffee is famous for its sweet-toned and soft aroma, with a very pronounced sweet cocoa tone. The final result is an outstanding flavor. It is Fair Trade and organically grown. Which means we purchase from small farmers at a fair trade price or an economically sustainable price; and, pesticides are not used. In general, buying Specialty coffee sold from small lots and established farms with co-ops; means you are supporting farms and workers in a fairly direct way.

We are now offering South American Peaberry Coffee in limited quantity. Reserve your coffee now and have them freshly roasted and delivered to your door.

This item is for a 12oz bag South American Peaberry Coffee beans. FRESH ROASTED prior shipping!

If this item sold out, please consider our CLASSIC EDITION PREMIUM PEABERRY COFFEE.

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